University of California Analytical Writing Placement Exam (AWPE)

Please note: if you've received an email or letter from the AWPE office stating that you did not receive a passing score on the AWPE test, you can enroll in Writing 1 at UCSB.

The Analytical Writing Placement Exam is given to all students to determine placement in either Writing 1 or Writing 2. (*Please note you may only take this exam once in your college career.)

The next on-campus sitting of the AWPE:

When: Monday, September 19th, 2016 from 9:00am - 11:00 am

Where: Campbell Hall

Bring a pen, photo ID, and proof of payment (see below).

Frequently asked Questions

  1. If I don't like my score can I take the AWPE again? 
    No. *You may only take the exam once. You must take the course you have been placed into.
  2. Do I need to pay for the exam in advance?
    Yes. There is a $110 fee required for the exam. You must pay for the exam before you will be allowed to take the exam. Please visit and click on "Exam Fee Payment," then click on "Click here if you are taking the exam at a UC campus." Once you complete the online payment you will have the opportunity to print a proof of payment. Print the proof of payment and bring it with you to the exam. You will not be permitted to take the exam unless you have this proof of payment. You may find, upon logging in, that you've received a full or partial fee waiver. You need to bring a proof of payment showing a $0.00 balance. For any payment questions, please email or call (800) 839-8507.
  3. How much does the exam cost?
    The cost for this exam is $110.00.
  4. How often is the exam offered?
    The exam is offered around the beginning of fall, winter, and spring quarter.
  5. What do I do if I miss the exam?
    Take the next time it is offered. There are no make-up exams.
  6. Do I have to take the AWPE or can I just take Writing 1?
    You must take the AWPE.
  7. I recently took the exam. How can I find out my score?
    Exams are processed soon after the exam takes place. Scores are posted by perm number inside the Writing Program office in South Hall 3432 once they are processed. A score from 2 to 6 indicates placement in Writing 1. A score of 8 to 12 indicates placement in Writing 2. You can also view your score through your GOLD account, once the score is processed. Click Academic History on your GOLD account and view your AWPE score under Course History.
  8. If I don't like my score can I take the AWPE again?
    No. You may only take the exam once. You must take the course you have been placed into.