Please give to the Writing Program!

Gifts of support for Writing Program are deeply appreciated. Gifts help us with our core mission: to work with undergraduates on study of and practice with writing in specific contexts and graduate students to become skillful teachers who use writing to support student learning.

For decades we have met and exceeded these goals, receiving numerous teaching and research honors in the process. Now, in this unprecedented time of tight budget resources, we need your help.

You can provide support for the Writing Program by selecting from a range of gift options. These include sponsorship through non-restricted funds, which offers you the freedom to contribute to the most needed areas. You might also contribute to some of the Writing Program's current priorities: funds for faculty professional development (such as publication support and conference travel), stipends for students performing internships as part of the Professional Writing Minor, or funds to create a communal space for students in the minor. You might also consider donating to the Undergraduate Awards fund, used to fund student awards for outstanding writing in some of the Writing Program's many undergraduate courses. 

Donations may be made by check, by credit card. They may also be made by contacting Madeleine Sorapure, Director of the Writing Program, or Julie Weiner, Director of Development for the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts. 

We would be delighted to discuss opportunities for giving to the Writing Program, and we very much look forward to talking with you.

Madeleine Sorapure
Director, UCSB Writing Program