Schedule of Emphasis Courses

Past and Future Course Schedule (Subject to change.)

ED202C -- Development of Writing Abilities (Taught in Fall 2012)

ED202D -- Writing Across the Curriculum/Writing in the Disciplines (Winter, odd years)

ED202E -- History of Literacy (Offered Winter 2015)

ED202F -- Literacy in the Information Age (Taught in Winter 2016; even years)

ED202H -- Writing Program Administration  (Spring, odd years)

ED 202I -- Writing Assessment (Will be taught as an independent study in Fall 2016.  Please contact Karen Lunsford for information)

ED 221G -- Textual Analysis (Charles Bazerman, Scheduled for Winter 2017 )

ED 240A -- Education Policy (Taught in Spring 2014)

Note:  ED 210 Foundations of Sociocultural Learning Theory ( Winter 2016) may be used to meet area 1 (litearcy, theory, and pedagogy)

Note 2:  ED 253D courses may be eligible for substitution.  Charles Bazerman will be teaching ED 253D The University in Historical and International Comparative Context in Fall 2016.


ENGL 234 -- Bookwork after New Media (Taught in Spring 2012)

ENGL 236 --  Literature +  (various eligible courses)

                     Introduction to Game Studies (Jeremy Douglass, Offered Fall 2015)

                     Multimodal Criticism (Jeremy Douglass, Taught in Winter 2013)

                     Digital Humanities Research (Jeremy Douglass)

Note: Other ENGL 236 courses may be eligible; contact Dr. Karen Lunsford to confirm.

ENGL 238 -- [various Digital Humanities and New Media courses]
                        Introduction to Digital Humanities (Alan Liu, Scheduled for Winter 2017)

                       Literature and Media (Rita Raley, Scheduled for Winter 2017)



LING 212 -- Discourse Transcription (Scheduled for Fall 2016)

LING 214 -- Discourse (Offered Winter 2016)

LING 217 -- Discourse and Grammar (Taught in Spring 2013)

LING 292 -- Linguistics in the Schools (Offered for the full year 2015-2016; must be a SKILLS Graduate Teaching Fellow)


WRIT 252 -- Teaching Technical Communication (Karen Lunsford, Scheduled for Spring 2017)

WRIT 501A/B -- Academic Writing: Theory and Practice  (Each year, with a Summer start and continuing through the Fall.)

WRIT 502A,B,C -- Proseminar in Writing Studies  (Each year.  Fall quarter -- all 10 weeks.  Winter & Spring quarters -- weeks 2-6. May be repeated for credit.)