Ph.D. Emphasis Advising

Can I take the Writing Studies emphasis as a standalone Ph.D.?

No, it is an add-on to a home department's Ph.D. 

Do I have to be admitted to UCSB already?

Yes, you must already be admitted to a Ph.D. or MA/Ph.D. program at UCSB.

Will I learn English in this program?

This emphasis supports research in Writing Studies. If you are seeking additional assistance with your English, please see these sources: English for Multilingual Students and courses through UCSB extension. In addition, workshops are advertised through the Grad Post.

What kinds of topics will we cover in the program?

Please refer to the proseminar course descriptions.

My department does not offer me the option of a Ph.D. Emphasis in Writing Studies. What should I do?

Talk to the Director of the Emphasis, Prof. Karen Lunsford, to discuss your options. 

Can I choose my own field of interest for research?

Yes, but it needs to be connected to Writing Studies. 

How do I apply for the Emphasis?

Please refer to the admission requirements page. 

What are some of the benefits of the Writing Studies Emphasis?

See our Emphasis description.

Can I take courses in Writing Studies even if I'm not in the Emphasis?

Yes, you may take courses in the Emphasis even if you have not officially signed up for the program.


If you find that this page did not answer your question(s), please feel free to contact the Director the Emphasis, Professor Karen Lunsford (