About the Writing Program

The UCSB Writing Program offers undergraduate general education courses at the lower and upper division levels; a professional writing minor; graduate courses focusing on writing and writing pedagogy; and a Ph.D. emphasis in Writing Studies. Running through Writing Program courses at all levels is a simultaneous focus on the study of and practice with writing for diverse audiences and purposes within specific contexts. 

Undergraduate Courses 

At the lower-division level, Writing Program courses introduce students to elements of writing in the university context (Writing 1), immerse them in study of and practice with writing in contexts inside and outside of the university (Writing 2), and provide experience with research processes and practices (Writing 50).

Over 30 different upper division courses in three broad categories provide opportunities for students to study and practice with writing in specific contexts. Writing 105 courses center on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary writing; Writing 107 courses center on writing in the professions; and Writing 109 courses center on writing in academic disciplinary areas. 

Professional Writing Minor

Students who seek to deepen their experience with the study and practice of writing may apply to participate in the Professional Writing Minor, which features six areas of focus: Business Communication, Multimedia Communication, Professional Writing and Editing, Writing and Civic Engagement, Science Communication, and Journalism.

Graduate Courses

At the graduate level, the Writing Program offers three courses. Writing 251 (Academic Research Writing) is a course for advanced doctoral students who seek to develop submissions for publication based on their existing graduate research. Writing 501 (Theory and Practice of Academic Writing) is a course focusing on pedagogy for teaching first-year writing courses or incorporating writing for learning in courses in other disciplines. Writing 252 (Teaching Technical Communication) is a course for graduate students who would like to teach technical and professional writing.

Writing Studies Ph.D. Emphasis

Writing Studies is a research-based field focusing on analysis of the production, consumption, and circulation of writing within specific contexts. Students in Education, English, and Linguistics may apply to add the Writing Studies emphasis to their Ph.D. programs.