Writing Program End of the Year Celebrations

As the 2016-2017 academic year comes to a close there have been numerous award ceremonies and celebrations in recognition of the excellent work students have done in the Writing Program this year.

In the very first Raab Writing Fellows Showcase held May 22, students presented short overviews of their outstanding and interesting project they were working on with Writing Program faculty. Raab Fellows and their mentors include:

Mentor: Cissy Ross
Amy Tsang

Mentor: Caren Converse
Erika Wadsworth

Mentor: Heather Steffen
Collaborator: Nastacia Schmoll
Chelsea Brandwein & Erika Carlos

Mentor: Auli Ek
Isabel Steffens

Mentor: Patrick McHugh
Andrew McCaster

Mentor: Deborah Harris-Moore
Ben Campbell

Mentor: Janet Mizrahi
Alexandra DeSanto

Mentor: Kara Mae Brown
Corrine Guichard & Steenalisa Tilcock

Mentor: Kevin Moore
Quincy Lee

Their project titles can be found on the full program here

The Excellence in Professional Communication event granted awards to students’ business plans, sustainability projects, and other collaborative work.In the Collaborative Business Plans, Business Proposals, and Business Reports catergory, first place went to the “Cal’Bucha” project; second place went to “Securlet,” and third prize went to “Dining by Drone.” Honorable Mention was given to the “Parking Slot” group.

In the Collaborative Sustainability Projects category, first place went to the “Save the Ground Water” group; second place went to “A Native Resurgence: Returning the Grizzly Bear to California;” and third place went to “Urban Farms Today.”

In the Other Collaborative Projects category, first place went to the “GLOBUS: The Middle East” group; second place went to the “Foreign Labor Support Network;” and third place went to “Yosemite National Park Grizzly Bear Reintroduction.”

Guffey Prize Winners in which students are awarded up to $300 went to:

First Place: Casey Pond for “GOO! (Get Out Oil!)”

Second Place: Janelle Priya Mather for “Not Impossible”

Third Place: Anna Kodelashvili for “Child Labor Coalition”

On Tuesday, May 23 the E-Sequence Engineering Writing celebration and awards ceremony took place, during which 14 individuals and 7 teams were honored with certificate awards for “Excellence in Writing.” All award winners were also in the running for prizes for the top 2 papers in each category, which were revealed at the event. After the awards, a panel of senior engineering majors and recent engineering graduates discussed succeeding at UCSB and in future career endeavors. Featured speakers included: Elizabeth Cisneros, engineer at Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc,; Navjot Brar, business analyst at Carpe Data; 805 Digest curator Franklin Ly; and future graduates Jacob Carrade and Alex Fong. The seniors presented their Capstone Design Projects, including Hyperloop.

The College of Creative Studies will celebrate its Literature/Writing and Literature majors, on Friday, June 2 from 4:00-6:00 p.m. at the CCS Gallery. Attendees will enjoy readings by CCS graduating seniors, the unveiling of the 60th Edition of Spectrum, the CCS annual journal of art and literature, and the presentation of awards for the 2017 CCS Writing Competition winners.

On Thursday June 15th from 3:00-4:30 p.m. at the Loma Pelona Center at UCSB the Writing Program will celebrate its 105 students graduating with the Professional Writing Minor.25 will be graduating from the Professional Editing Emphasis; 17 will be graduating from the Civic Engagement Track; 25 from Multimedia Communication; 22 from Business Communication; and 16 from Science Communication.

The full list for graduates and their emphases can be seen here