Writing Program TAs Win Distinguished Teaching Awards

Writing Program TAs Katherine Kelp-Stebbins and Nicole Pacino have won Distinguished Teaching Awards for the 2012-13 academic year. Kelp-Stebbins is a fourth year Ph.D. student in Comparative Literature; Pacino will defend her dissertation in History in Spring 2013.

Students in both instructors' classes praised their engagement and enthusiasm, noting that both created outstanding and effective learning opportunities. "She effectively focused us on learning rather than her teaching," said one of Kelp-Stebbins' students in a nomination letter. "For this reason, most students in the class participated with an alacrity I hadn't seen in a college class prior to this one." Another student praised Kelp-Stebbins for "ensur[ing] she understands her students fully in order to adapt her teaching methods and ensure a high degree of learning."

One of Pacino's students, in materials included in the nomination, said that "Instead of Nicole lecturing to her class about how to become better writers, she allowed the students to discuss with each other all different aspects of writing. This method of peer to peer teaching was fantastic because it allowed students to learn from each other and gave everyone an array of ideas that may have been lost in numerous notes during a lecture style class." Another praised Pacino as "both an educator and a  caring individual concerned for the future of her students. Whether I will have the wonderful opportunity to be her student again or not, Nicole will always hold a warm place in my heart as a wonderful teacher and confidant."

Kelp-Stebbins and Pacino will be recognized for their achievements at the Faculty Legislature meeting on May 30 at 3:30.