UCSB Writing Program Highlights Dr. Linda Adler-Kassner CCCC Address

Scholars from around the country convened in Portland, Oregon for the annual Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) held March 15-18, to share their work and research regarding the conference’s 2017 theme, “Cultivating Capacity, Creating Change.”

The CCCC provides presenters and attendees a variety of ways to share their work and ideas. The conference consists of round table discussions, concurrent panel presentations, poster sessions, and workshops. This makes for a dynamic weekend of collaboration and scholarship. A vast majority of UCSB’s Writing Program faculty and graduate students presented and attended this year’s conference. The conference also featured Dr. Linda Adler-Kassner who is the acting Chair of the CCCC.

Dr. Kassner’s address entitled, “Because Writing is Never Just Writing,” commenced the Opening General Session and was an extension of her CCCC 2016 theme, “Writing Strategies for Action.” In articulating the concepts Dr. Adler-Kassner touched upon, 2017 Program Chair Carolyn Calhoon-Dillahunt prefaced the address in the conference program:  “[Adler-Kassner] will discuss the challenges and opportunities inherent in working as writing professionals in the age of the ‘Educational Intelligence Complex’ and how our disciplinary identity provides a foundation to navigate and perhaps change the conditions that contribute to these challenges.”

UCSB’s Writing Program had a strong showing at the conference, with 18 faculty, 5 graduate students and 3 undergraduates presenting.

Search through the full list of presenters from the Writing Program and the titles of their talks (PDF view here).