Starting Lines Website Launched

The Writing Program has launched a new website associated with its Starting Lines publication of outstanding student writing.

The a supplement to the print version of Starting Lines, which began in 2002 as a way for students in Writing 1 classes to validate their writing experiences through publication of their work.

In addition, the print edition has expanded over the years to include the writing of linguistics students and Writing 2 students. In the past two years, the Starting Lines publication has doubled the amount of its content. It is edited by Writing Program lecturers Ilene Miele and Chris Dean.

Another important aspect of Starting Lines is that it is used as models for student writing in writing classes, and it is a part of the training program for teaching assistants.

With the launching of the new website, Starting Lines now includes examples of digital writing, such as an audio podcast and a manga comic book graphic project.

Materials are posted to inspire teachers, too. For example, Chris­ Dean has posted 10 suggestions for instructors using the publication and website as model writing in their classes.



Detail from manga art by Grace Kasuma titled "Behind the Pictures"