Janet Mizrahi Publishes Web Content: A Writer's Guide

Writing Program continuing lecturer Janet Mizrahi has authored a book on writing content designed for the web. Web Content: A Writer's Guide, published by Business Expert Press, provides writers with a guide to writing the many genres found on the web including ads, articles, blogs, newsletters, social media, and web sites.

"The Internet is ripe with opportunity for people who can produce news, commentary, or marketing content for web readers," said Mizrahi. "But writers need to understand the differences in writing for the screen versus writing for the printed page."

The concise book provides easy-to-follow guidelines for creating effective content and addresses topics such as web reader habits, design as it pertains to content, and web writing style.

This is Mizrahi's second book for Business Expert Press. She is also the author of Fundamentals of Writing for Marketing and Public Relations, published in 2010.

Mizrahi, a former journalist and corporate communication specialist, has been a Writing Program lecturer since 1999 and teaches upper-division professional writing courses including Business and Administrative Writing (107B), Writing for Public Relations (107P), Journalism (107J), and Writing in the Health Professions (109HP). She will teach a new course on writing web content beginning Spring 2014.