Bernstein honored as local hero

Mashey Bernstein, a continuing lecturer in the UCSB Writing Program, has been named as a Local Hero by theĀ Santa Barbara Independent.

Bernstein was honored for his community work, especially as a founder of the OUTrageous LGBT Film Festival. As the paper noted, Bernstein has worked for more than two decades " to make sure the event provides both world-class entertainment and a safe space for the gay community to gather and express itself."

Bernstein has been a lecturer in the Writing Program since 1990. He first came to UCSB from Ireland in 1971 and earned a Ph.D. in American Literature. He wrote his dissertation about the work of Norman Mailer and became close friends with the author. Bernstein also established the Gay Student Union at UCSB.

"To be honored in this way was really exciting," Bernstein said, "but you do what you love, and if you get honored for it, that's icing on the cake."

Bernstein teaches a variety of classes, from Writing 1 to Magazine Writing for Publication. In fact, one of his former students, Jack Crosbie, wrote the article for the Independent.

Photo credit: Paul Wellman