Writing Lives of UC Alumni: Focus Groups

We are conducting a study of University of California students and alumni to learn more about the kinds of writing that people do in and beyond the college curriculum. We would be interested in hearing from you about your experiences with writing in all aspects of your life. Your responses will help the UC to continue to develop courses and curricula to meet students' needs.

To be eligible, you need to have earned a Bachelor's degree from any UC campus in the last 3-10 years; you must be at least 18 years of age; and you must have access to a computer through which you can participate in a focus group. You'll find further details in the attached information sheet. https://thewayfindingproject.com/focus-group-study-information-sheet/ 

To sign up, please contact Dr. Karen Lunsford at klunsford@writing.ucsb.edu

Please forward this message to anyone who would be eligible and interested. Thank you for your help!

Karen Lunsford, on behalf of the Wayfinding Project


Karen Lunsford, PhD
Associate Professor of Writing
Director, Writing Program
3432 South Hall
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