Writing Program Student Award Winners

We are proud to share that many of our graduating Writing Program students have been recognized for their outstanding service, writing, scholarship, and leadership to the university. Please join us in celebrating these amazing community members and scholars.


Ellen Reid Writing Award

1st place: Sarah Hamm (Professional Writing Minor, Civic Engagement)

1st runner-up: Pauline Yang (Professional Writing Minor, Science Communication)

2nd runner-up: Chloe Schicker (Professional Writing Minor, Technical Editing)

First-Generation Scholarship Award

Edward Colmenares (Professional Writing Minor, Civic Engagement)

Katie Kao (Professional Writing Minor, Business Communication)



Michael D. Young Engaged Scholar Award

Ryan Flaco Rising (2021 Raab Writing Fellow and Gabler Promise Scholar)

Vice Chancellor's Award for Scholarship, Leadership, and Citizenship,

Stella Rufeisen (Professional Writing Minor, Multimedia)

University Award of Distinction

Jeddson King Mejorada (Professional Writing Minor, Business Communication)

Sophia JeHong Lake (Professional Writing Minor, Civic Engagement)

Ashley Rusch (Professional Writing Minor, Journalism)

University Service Award

Haochen Long (Professional Writing Minor, Business Communication)