Humans of UCSB

The Writing Program hosts the Humans of UCSB social media pages, which were begun in 2014 by students seeking to capture the essence of UC Santa Barbara by telling stories of students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Any member in the UCSB community is invited submit their own story, or interview and photograph someone else, to showcase the inspiring people within our community. The project has a platform on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter under @humansofucsb. Submissions are open to everyone.

Submission Guidelines:

Required details:

  • Full name
  • Year and Major (if student), Position (if faculty), Position (if staff)
  • 3 photos
  • Caption for photos with image credit
  • 200- 400-word submissions
  • Written in first person ā€œIā€ voice
  • Email submission in a Word document to

Story Angle Ideas:

  • Tell a story about yourself (memory, inspiring or tragic life event) that shows how you became the person you are today
  • What is unique about you? Why does that make you who you are?
  • Memory at UCSB that strongly impacted you that you hope will inspire other people

Editing and Publication Process:

  • Submissions will be reviewed and edited by Writing Program lecturer Nomi Morris and the Student Coordinator. You will be notified if your story is chosen for publication
  • Story will be posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter under @humansofucsb on all platforms