3rd International Santa Barbara Conference on Writing Research

Writing Research Across Borders


February 22-24, 2008

University of California, Santa Barbara



Statement on Conference Language

Writing is central to the life and prosperity of every modern society, the participation of every citizen in the institutions of power, and the life opportunities of every child. Our conference is part of a worldwide effort to bring the power of writing to every child and citizen. In this spirit we invite studies, papers, proposals, and data from all languages.

Given the multiplicity of languages that we hope will be represented, however, the organizing committee believes that the collective conversation will be best facilitated if English is used. If, however, presenters wish to deliver their papers in a language other than English, they can do so; in such a case, we encourage the presenters to provide English support materials, such as detailed handouts, PowerPoint presentations of key points in English, or extended abstracts in English.

Despite our seeking this pragmatic solution to the issue of conference language, the conference organizing committee recognizes that conducting a global conference in only one language, particularly a conference on language learning and practice, leaves many issues unresolved. To air and consider these issues, we will be setting aside a time for an open forum on "Does global scholarly communication mean English?"


Conference Sponsors: Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, University Writing Program of UC Davis


Conference Organizers

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