3rd International Santa Barbara Conference on Writing Research

Writing Research Across Borders


February 22-24, 2008

University of California, Santa Barbara



Conference Fellowship Information

Through the generosity of the Writing Program of the University of California at Davis and Chris Thaiss, the Clark Kerr Professor of Writing at UC Davis, we are able to offer several fellowships to help support travel expenses for speakers. Fellowships will be awarded based on financial need and proposal quality. If you would like to apply for a fellowship, please submit a separate fellowship application letter explaining your need for funding, and send it with your proposal by the May 1, 2007 proposal deadline.

If you have questions about the fellowship application letter or other aspects of the submission process, please feel free to contact Dr. Charles Bazerman or Suzie Null, the Writing Research Across Borders Conference Coordinators. Both can be reached at:



Writing Research Across Borders Conference
Proposal Committee
c/o Charles Bazerman
Gevirtz Graduate School of Education
UC Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9490


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