Invitation to Starting Lines Quarterly Reading

Starting Lines holds quarterly readings featuring its published student writers.  It is a wonderful way for them to share--and take pride in--their writing.  Importantly, it is also an excellent opportunity for our Writing 1, Ling 12, and Writing 2 students to be inspired by--and learn from--their peers.

This quarter, the event will be held Thursday, 3/8, at noon in the AD&A Museum (next to the UCEN). We hope both faculty and students can join us!

If you are currently teaching a section of Writing 1, 2, or Ling 12, we hope you will let your students know about the reading (and, if your class meets during or near the event time, perhaps you will even make it part of the day's session).  The more, the merrier--when these readings bring out a big crowd, it gets the students even more excited about writing.  And, naturally, the event isn't just for Writing 1, 2, and Ling 12 students--hearing good writing is always valuable for any student...

Event Details: 
Thursday 3/8
AD&A Museum
Contact Bob Krut for Additional info