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Celebration Dinner Speech, Stefany Viesca

Writing is a big part of your education, for example, the writing thatís in your books that teach you about history and science.

Writing is a big part of college as well. When all of you apply to a 4 year college you will have to write a writing response. Thatís when being able to express your thoughts clearly can make a difference in your future.

But other than writing in an academic setting, think about writing as a way to express yourself!

Sometimes writing can express what spoken words canít.

Sometimes weíre too shy to speak up in class, with our family, or with our friends.

Weíre afraid to be judged or not understood.

Thatís when a pen and paper or a word document in your computer can become your best friend.

Do any of you keep a diary?

Well I did when I was younger, and when I read it now it gives me the chills!

It is incredible to know that written words can make you feel exactly what you were feeling that year, that day and that moment.

Writing really brings memories to life!

When you write down your thoughts on a piece of paper it becomes history.

Whenever I read the last piece I wrote in my Writing 1 class it reminds me that I am capable of being creative.

I let my imagination run in that essay. I created a character. I entertained others who read it, and hopefully but some smiles on their faces. I accomplished this through writing and I don't think I would have been able to in another form.

I invite all of you to do the same thing with writing.

To have fun, be creative! Leave your thoughts on a piece of paper so later you or other people can enter your world, your imagination, your opinions, and your thoughts.

At the 2010 celebration dinner, UCSB student Stefany Viesca spoke about the importance of writing in her life.An award-winning student, she is the recipient of the Maureen Driscoll Award for Writing.