Everywhere Collective

About Us

The Writing Everywhere (WE) Collective aims to provide an avenue for both middle/high school andcollege-level students to explore the importance of writing in their everyday lives.  Growing out of the NCTE's National Day of Writing, middle school students wrote letters to UCSB students about a topic on their mindsócollege.  Through their correspondence, they were able to see, first-hand, how writing is both an academic and personal pursuit. 

This web site features some of these exchanges, as well as other resources for writing students of all ages.

Dr. Karen Lunsford, Ilene Miele, and Robert Krut (UCSB Writing Program)

Participating AVID Teachers at R.J.Frank Intermediate:
Kristin Storey, Elsa Lopez, Kim Haley, Barbara Aanerud

Participating Instructors at the UCSB Writing Program:
Randi Browning, Craig Cotich, Christopher Dean, Jennifer Johnson, Robert Krut, Ilene Miele, Kathy Patterson, Roy Vallis