I.C. Lab Assignment

World Wide Web Search and Summary Report

For this portion of the class, please begin collecting secondary sources for your major research project. You should start by visiting the UCSB library databases to look for scholarly journals and using Google to search for additional Web-based sources. By the date and time indicated on the GauchoSpace page, please upload a brief report in which you evaluate FIVE Web sites in terms of these criteria: 

 1.  The quality of the information presented in the individual site: what specific kinds of information will be useful to your research project, in your opinion? What information will probably not be so useful? 

2.  The quality of the page layout: what design features make the site engaging to read and/or easy to understand? What design features do you find to be a hindrance? 

3.  The ease of navigating the page(s): what aids to navigation did you find on the pages? What features did the pages lack? What would you have liked to see added? 

Report format:

Your report should contain approximately one paragraph devoted to each of the websites. In your written report, be sure to include a descriptive title and URL addresses for each of the websites you've analyzed. To see an example of this project, click here

  Rev. 11/3/09 M.