Executive Summary (student sample 1)

Surfing is one of today's fastest growing sports. The surf industry is fairly new and has great potential for growth. It has long been a dream of many surfers to combine the two past times of surfing and listening to their favorite music, and our product, The Surfer Speaker , makes that dream a reality.

Today over 400,000 surfboards are sold world wide per year, and the industry is estimated to yield over 4 billion dollars per year. [Pitta, 2003] The largest population, of the estimated 2.4 million surfers, are males between the ages of 15 and 25, who also happen to be the largest consumers of music technologies. According to our surveys, it was found that 92% of the surfers surveyed were interested in The Surfer Speaker .

The idea of combining technology with surfing is not a new one. In 2004 Intel created a prototype of a computer built into a surfboard. Another similar product is the South Australian Shark Shield which wards off sharks using a pulsing electric field embedded in the surfboard. These two products, which have a limited market audience, show a growing trend for mixing technology with surfing.

The Surfer Speaker, which fits into any surfboard, provides a way to play music through an iPod. The iPod, which is strapped to the user's arm, uses iTrip technology to send a wireless signal to an internal FM receiver, which then transmits the sound through the speaker. In addition, a solar panel also located on the surfboard uses sunlight to recharge the battery in the speaker component. This makes the system completely self-sufficient; in other words, not dependent on an adapter to recharge.

Surfers are individualists, and we at Surfer Innovations Inc . have embraced that quality by offering design options to our consumers. Our engineers have designed the perfect speaker component placements to maximize maneuverability and speed based on the type of surfboard being modified. We have optimal placement designs for longboards, shortboards, and body boards. A variety of different color speaker faces and solar panels are also available to our customers, because every surfboard is as individual as its owner and his or her choice of music.

Our implementation plan will be carried out in two parts: prepare for manufacturing, and marketing and selling the product. In preparation for manufacturing we plan to hire cheap labor and train them to customize any surfboard, and purchase wholesale components in bulk to cut down on costs. In marketing and selling the product we plan to hire knowledgeable salespeople. To promote our product we will sponsor young surfers, team up with companies selling complimentary products, and involve the company in surfing community events such as competitions. The total estimated cost for the installation and fabrication of The Surfer Speaker is $79.50 - $95.50, not including markup.

The Surfer Speaker is the newest surfboard modification in a growing market eager for inventive new products and upgrades. We at Surfer Innovations Inc. believe that The Surfer Speaker will create a new wave of surfers who enjoy listening to music while surfing. With our proposal we offer you the chance to join an industry with a strong trend of growth.


Executive Summary (student sample 2)

Today's educational system is becoming increasingly competitive for both students and institutions. Students must learn as much as they can, and learn it effectively. It is a school's job to give information to students in the most effective way possible. As the years go by, the educational system will become even more competitive, and the need for effective teaching methods will increase. The key to effective teaching is students who are alert and attentive. That is why we have introduced the Class Room Throne, a unique chair that has the potential to become a very effective classroom tool.

Few classroom desks available today provide maximum comfort and assist in learning. In fact, the majority of students find their desks an uncomfortable workplace. Cramping, very little work space, and falling asleep in class all seem to be frequent problems for students. The Class Room Throne is the solution to these problems along with many others.

Our product is a desk designed with comfort and learning in mind. The desk is attractive looking and provides a student with a more enjoyable sitting and working experience in the classroom. We have made very simple and effective improvements to traditional desks that no other designer has implemented before, including a reclining chair with adjustable height, an increased desk space for writing and reading, and a footrest for added comfort.
The result is a desk that provides many advantages over ordinary desks on the market and still has a competitive price.

Our implementation plan for producing the Class Room Throne is both cost effective and efficient. We will purchase our materials -- steel, plastic, wood, and other synthetics -- from wholesale companies in bulk, build our own prototype, and thoroughly test our prototype before starting mass assembly. We estimate our startup time, completion of the first successful prototype, to be approximately two months. Our qualified team has expertise in both electrical and mechanical engineering, which will ensure successful product development.

As educational institutions become more competitive, and are required to increase their standards, we believe the Class Room Throne will become a very popular choice for a classroom desk. We strongly believe this will prove to be a very worthwhile and profitable investment in the future of education.