Writing 109SS: Writing for the Social Sciences
Winter 2006

Instructor: James Donelan
Email: donelan@writing.ucsb.edu
Office Phone: 893-7177; messages only, 893-2613
Office Location:
1523 South Hall
Office Hours:
11-12AM; Friday, 9:30-10:30AM
Class Meetings: M W
9:30-10:45, Girvetz 1112  
Lab Meetings:
Class will meet in the Mesa Lab, Phelps 1525 on Wednesdays.
Enroll Code: 48538 
ConnectWeb, a computer program, is available online via E-commerce for $20. Purchase of the program is mandatory.
Steger, Globalization: A Very Short Introduction (Global) ISBN: 0-19-280359-X
Hult, Researching and Writing in the Social Sciences, ISBN: 0-19-280359-X

Texts are available in the UCen Bookstore. Copies of the course books will not be on reserve; please purchase them as soon as possible.

ConnectWeb Home Page: http://connectweb.com/ucsb.asp

Course Description:
The course will allow students to refine their skills in scholarship and writing in the social sciences. Students will address the issues of evidence, interpretation, methodology, and critique in social science research as part of a longer project.

Course Outcomes:
Students who complete the course successfully should be able to:

The course requires regular attendance, active participation in class discussion and activities, and timely completion of all assignments, including short on-line assignments, an annotated bibliography (1500 words), a brief essay on methodology (1800 words), and a longer research project (3000 words). All written assignments after the first week are due on-line through ConnectWeb. In addition, please note:


Please note: Full descriptions of all writing assignments are posted on ConnectWeb. Both the assignments and their deadlines may change—be sure to check the syllabus posted on ConnectWeb as the class progresses.

I. Research and Summary: Annotated Bibliography

Introduction and Logistics: Writing for the Social Sciences

Class meets in Phelps 1525.
Reading: Researching, Chapter 1; Global, Chapter 1
Homework: 250 word statement of personal goals for the course.
In-class: The requirements of social science writing; types of essays.

1/16 Martin Luther King Day—No Classes.

Class meets in Phelps 1525.
Reading: Researching, Chapters 2 and 3; Global, Chapter 2
Homework: 250 word annotated bibliography entry for an article. Please have the assignment available as a Microsoft Word or html file, if possible.
In-class: Introduction to ConnectWeb; creation of working groups. Your writing strengths and weaknesses.

Researching, Chapter 6; Global, Chapter 3
Homework: Annotated bibliography entry for a book.
In-class: The parts of a book; effective summarizing; improving sentence style.

Class meets in Phelps 1525.
Reading: Global, Chapter 4
Homework: Full rough draft of annotated bibliography.
In-class: Introducing an annotated bibliography; peer review of drafts.

Reading: Global, Chapter 5
Homework: Annotated bibliography due. Please post by class time.
In-class: Introduction to methodology essay assignment; method and critique.

II. Critique and Method: Methodology Essay

Class meets in Phelps 1525.
Reading: Researching, Chapter 4; Global, Chapter 6
Homework: Prospectus of methodology essay.
Peer review of prospectuses; improving paragraph style.

Reading: Global, Chapter 7
Homework: Outline and first paragraph of methodology essay.
Research methods; evaluation of sources

Class meets in Phelps 1525.
Reading: Global, Chapter 8
Homework: Full rough draft of methodology essay.

2/10 Methodology essay final draft due.

III. The Social Science Research Project

Researching, Chapter 5
In-class: Introduction to the final project. Scheduling and time management.

Class meets in Phelps 1525.
Homework: Prospectus for final project.
In-class: Peer review of prospectuses; beginning an outline.

2/20 Presidents’ Day—No Classes.

Class meets in Phelps 1525.
Preliminary research and outline; revision of prospects. (Bring a hard copy to class.)
Project plans, Part II.

Homework: Reading notes; revised outline.
In-class: Large-scale structure.

Class meets in Phelps 1525.
Full outline.
In-class: Peer assessment of progress.

First paragraph and working thesis.
In-class: Thesis building; peer review.

Class meets in Phelps 1525.
Draft of first two pages.
In-class: Working titles; progress report.

Homework: Full rough draft; check of preliminary materials.
In-class: Peer review of drafts.

Class meets in Phelps 1525.
Homework: Revision of Final Project.
Last Day of Class

3/20 Final Project Due.