Donelan Family Photos

New Summer '04 Pictures!

Jed and Emily bouncing away.

Jed helps Emily with the candles.

A rare photo of Jed and Emily sitting still on the couch.

A couple of hot rods.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jed acting silly.

Jed and Emily and their Valentine's Day smiles.

More smiles!

That's my Valentine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

Jed says, "Happy Valentine's Day!"

New photos of Jed and Emily!

Emily with her mother and big brother in the hospital.

Emily in profile.

Jed and his cousins, Kaitlin and Sarah.

Jed and Emily at home.

Emily in her bounce chair.

More photos from Madeleine, of Jed playing tennis and being super!

Jed prepares to serve.

It's an ace!

Preparing for the indoor championships.

Look! It's a bird...

Just part of a day's work for Superboy.

Just feeling super today.

Superboy and Superdog.

Superboy goes incognito.

Jed, going through a hippie phase, courtesy of Madeleine and her digital camera!

Jed, feeling groovy.

Jed, letting his freak flag fly.

More grooving.

Is there anyone hipper than Jed?

The latest, hottest photos of Jed from twelve to eighteen months old!

Jed's birthday cake, looming ominously...

More cake...

Even more cake...

And still more cake...

A group of revelers.

With his grandma and grandpa.

Out for a walk in the forest.

Jed and Pete, hanging out.

Just Jed.

Jed playing in the dog dish.

A head shot for his agent.

Jed's Job as Aircraft Controller

Jed enjoying a sandwich.

This is tasty, really!

Out hiking with his family.

Going solo.

Home at last.

Jed at eleven months old.

Jed and Pete hanging around the stairs.

 Giving us the whole personality.

 We're just wild about Harry, our new dog.

 On the other hand...



 his doubts.

 Time to escape.

 Coming out...

 the other side.

 Just out and about.

 It's time to escape again.

 And I'm clear!


 Just taking Pete for a walk, that's all.

 Trying to get out again? Why, no!

 I think they bought it.

It's Sgt. Jed's Lonely Hearts Club Band!

Grandmother feeds Jed, a hungry boy.

Off on a hike in Los Padres.

Jed and his new purple ball.

Madeleine, Martha, and Jed, having a good time.

Going for a stroll.

Still strolling.

Just another day at the beach.

Deep in Pete's trench.

More from Los Padres.

The dogs take a swim.

Jed's later months: "Rubber Soul Jed" and "Revolver Jed."

Jed and Pete enjoying a meal together.

A good Cheerios face.

Not a bad smile at all.

Jed gets a kick out of a new toy, while his audience watches.

Jed and Dad, relaxing.

Jed prepares for English 129.

Jed in his great-grandfather's chair.

A stuffed Golden is almost as good as a real one.

Jed's middle period: "Help!" and "A Hard Day's Jed."

 Jed crawls pretty fast these days.

 Jed in his gym.

 Jed at the controls.

 Jed having fun with Pete, a very patient dog.

 Martha and Jed--always smiling.

A cute picture of Martha and Jed, now six months old.

Everybody gets on the bed.

Playing with his grandmother.

 Hats are a good idea in the California sun.

 Where is Jed's mother?

 Here she is.

 Hugging a dog cures a lot of things.

 Jed with Aunt Pam.

 The commando crawls into the fray...

 He confronts an enormous beast!

 He tames the beast.

 Relaxing in the play pool.

 Kicking his legs.

Jed's first pictures, from "Meet Jed" and "The Early Jed."

 In the astronaut's chair.

 Getting some rest.

 The grandparents hold Jed.

 Jim and Martha take a turn.

 Three generations in one picture.

 Here's the christening.

 Jed is a little unsure of things.

 A happy pair.

 Jed's dog wants to help.

 Jed takes a swim.

 We'll add water later.

 Jed tackles an important project.

 These things take time, you know.

 Susanna and Contessa, in stereo.

Jed hears about Knoblauch's phantom tag...

Martha and Jed, cheerful again

Jed, Martha, and Pete, the wonder dog

Jed dreams of a career as a pirate...

 Jed has had a long day...

The Peaceable Kingdom

Jed and Martha, smiling away

Jed's favorite kitty

Jed sitting pretty

Santa Jed

Santa Jed and his favorite reindog

Santa Jed ready to go