English 103b—Midterm Examination Instructions

General Instructions: The examination has three parts: identifications, short answers, and an essay. The identification and short answer sections are worth 25% each; the essay is worth 50%. If you can, leave a little extra time for proofreading after you finish each section.

Part I: Identifications. At most, take 12 minutes to complete this section.

Choose eight of the following words or phrases and identify the following elements for each one:

Be sure to indicate which item you are identifying by number.

Example: 1. The Wedding Guest. 1. He is the person in The Ancient Mariner to whom the Mariner tells his story.

Part II: Short Answers. At most, take 12 minutes to complete this section.

Choose five of the following questions and answer them in one or two complete sentences, while also indicating the particular work relevant to the question.

Example: 1. What was Coleridge’s main objection to Wordsworth’s "Preface" to the Lyrical Ballads? 1. Coleridge disputed Wordsworth’s claim that poetic diction could be found in the "language of ordinary men."


Part III: Essay. Take approximately 25 minutes to complete this section.

Write a clear, carefully considered essay on one of the following topics. You do not necessarily need to address each question within the topic in turn; your goal is to write a brief, yet carefully constructed essay using the topic as a starting point. Be sure to include specific examples from at least three of the works or lectures, and have a solid, arguable thesis.