William Wordsworth:

The Prelude: Or, the Growth of a Poet’s Mind: 1799, 1805, 1850

  1. Book I: Childhood and Wordsworth’s Purpose
    1. Epic and Lyric
    2. Nature as Muse
    3. Opening Lines: Recollection in Tranquility
  1. Stealing a Boat: Visionary Moments
  2. …for many days my brain

    Worked with a dim and undetermined sense

    Of unknown modes of being. In my thoughts

    There was a darkness—no familiar shapes

    Of hourly objects, images of trees,

    Of sea or sky, no colours of green fields,

    But huge and mighty forms that do not live

    Like living men moved slowly through my mind

    By day, and were the trouble of my dreams.

  3. Books and Dreams: Book V
    1. "The consecrated works of Bard and Sage"
    2. Geometric Knowledge: "An independent world created out of pure intelligence" (Book VI)
    3. Descartes’ Dream
    4. The Waters of the Deep