William Blake: Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience

  1. The End of the Enlightenment
    1. Humeís Bundle: The Non-Existent Self
    2. The Reassertion of the Self
    3. From Static to Dynamic Knowledge
  1. The Children of the Industrial Revolution
    1. Grub Street, Printing, and Satire
    2. The Dark Side of Prosperity: Slavery, Child Labor, and "Transportation"
    3. The American Revolution in England
  1. William Blake: Printer, Engraver, Painter, and Radical: (1757-1827)


    1. The First English Romantic Poet?
    2. Blakeís Dream and Engraving Technique
    3. "Introduction" (Innocence)
    4. Innocence vs. Ignorance
    5. Childhood
    6. The Bible and the Pastoral Tradition
  1. Songs of Experience
  2. (1794): The Self in Balance
    1. The Engraverís Art
    2. "Shewing the Two Contrary States of the Human Soul"
    3. The Human Face of God
  1. Individual Poems