Victorian Ladies and Gentleman: Morals, Moralizing, Class, and Gender Roles

  1. Are We Still Victorians?
    1. The Problem of Propriety
    2. Distinctions of Gender and Class
    3. The Repressive Fallacy
    4. The American Dilemma
  1. Frances Power Cobbe and Sarah Stickney Ellis: The Education and Duties of a Lady
    1. Losing a Card in Cobbe’s Life
    2. Sound Advice from an Authority: Sarah Stickney Ellis
  1. Charlotte and Anne Brönte: The Role of the Governess
    1. The Punishment for Intelligence
    2. Another Woman in the Household
  1. Cardinal Newman’s Gentleman and Caroline Norton’s Cad
    1. The University Education and the Model of Gentlemanly Behavior
    2. The Cad Problem: Caroline Norton
  1. Queen Victoria’s Journals: Ideas of Womanhood
    1. Setting an Example
    2. Expressing an Opinion