The Brownings and Their Poetry

  1. Love and the Married Artist: "Andrea del Sarto"
    1. The Dramatic Monologue
    2. The Real Andrea del Sarto
    3. The Artist’s Dilemma
  1. "Childe Roland" and Poetic Heroism
    1. Strange Romance, Stranger Quest
    2. Turning Aside and Finding the Tower
    3. "See / Or shut your eyes": The Ruin of Romanticism
    4. Crossing the River: The Shock of Recognition
  1. The Remains of the Empire: "Love Among the Ruins"
    1. Echoes and Verse Form
    2. The Empire Recedes
  1. Victorian Longing: Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnets from the Portuguese
    1. A Victorian Love Story
    2. "Not Death, but Love"
    3. Life, Love, and Literature