Jane Austenís Pride and Prejudice and Emma; Midterm Review

  1. Jane Austen (1775-1817): Romantic Novelist or Romance Writer?
    1. Romantic Era Writing and Women
    2. Jane Austenís Quiet Life
    3. The Novels
  1. Universal Truth: Pride and Prejudice
    1. A Novel With a Thesis: Didactic Narrative
    2. The Problem with Mothers
    3. Courtship Rituals
    4. Modern Equivalents?
  1. Donít You Have a Mother?: Emma
    1. Who Needs Trouble?
    2. Is Emma Clueless?
  1. Practical Advice for the Midterm
    1. Procedures for Study
    1. Read what you havenít read; re-read what you didnít understand.
    2. Read and re-read your notes.
    3. Establish your competence in key areas.†
    4. Fill in the blanks if you have time.
    5. Structure your studying with notes and outlines of your own.
    1. Fulfilling the Objectives
  1. The Major Concepts
    1. Revolutions
    2. Self-consciousness and Individual Rights
    3. Transcendence, Nature, and the Aesthetic