English 192—Topics for the Second Essay


General Instructions: Write a five- to seven-page interpretation of at least two of the works covered in the last eight weeks of the course, that is, anything from the course except Gilliam’s Baron Munchausen, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Lang’s Metropolis, or Wells’s The Time Machine. As in the first paper, your interpretation should have a clear, unified topic and an identifiable, arguable thesis statement backed by solid evidence and logic.  Your experience, impressions, and response to the work can guide your interpretation, but make sure that everything you claim about the work is demonstrable.  In addition, you must use at least three reliable secondary sources, two of which must be in print, rather than from the Internet.  As always, cite your sources properly, according to MLA style.  If you decide to use one of the suggested topics, make sure you narrow its focus and make a strong thesis. 


Due Date: May 25


Suggested Topics: