Assignment: Historical Evidence

Instructor: James Donelan

Due date: November 2, 1999

By now, you have read Keeganís account of the Battle of the Somme in its entirety and discussed its means of argumentation. Now, write two or three paragraphs below describing Keeganís evidence and how he interprets it. Examine which questions he asks, how he collects data to support his answer, and what interpretive methods he uses to make sense of the data. You may want to choose a particular section of the chapter for this detailed examination.

In-class, you should read each othersí papers and discuss any similarities or differences in the conclusions you drew. In particular, examine the way Keegan manages to combine a variety of perspectives into a single, unified view and whether you, as an interpreter of Keeganís text, share that perspective. Did he leave anything out? What kinds of evidence did he prefer to other kinds?

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