Assignment: Humanities Research
Instructor: James Donelan
Due date: In-class, November 30, 1999

Many of you may lack the sources you need to write the critical essay, so I have created this assignment to help you find material.  You can get started on it immediately, or you can do it in the lab on Wednesday.

Click on the links below to find information on your author:

For Wilfred Owen and his generation of poets, try this link to the War Poets Page.

Here is Auden’s “As I Walked Out One Evening,” a great poem.

Some useful bibliography on Wallace Stevens resides on this Wallace Stevens Page.

The Main Melvyl Page will give you many listings—use the MLA database in the pull down menu.

An Australian professor made this page on Grand Illusion.

Here is the library’s Film Reference Page.

Journals available through Melvyl on English Literature are listed on this page.

After you have found some material, type or copy its bibliographical information below, along with anything else you find useful to put in the space.  Then see what others in your group have done, and comment on the quality and usefulness of the sources they found.