Assignment: Poetry and Experience

Instructor: James Donelan

Due date: November 18, 1999

For class today, please read the poetry in the reader and the Wilfred Owen Page, especially the poem called "Dulce et Decorum Est," which appears both in the reader and on a link from the page above. From these, choose a poem, and write a paragraph or two describing how the poem’s thematic content, or meaning, relates to the sound of its words. You might also answer one or two of the following questions, but please do not directly appropriate their wording:

In general, make sure your paragraph is readable, reasonable, and directly related to the text.

Want to read some more poems?

This enigmatic poem by Wallace Stevens should interest you: "Of Mere Being."

This poem by W. H. Auden stands out as one of the best: "As I Walked Out One Evening."