Assignment: Outline and Working Thesis

Instructor: James Donelan

Due date: November 11, 1999

On the form below put your working thesis, that is, what you think your essay will prove, in the space provided. Then write a formal outline of your essay, using the standard numbering and lettering scheme for outlines. Your word processor may try to add the letters and numbers automatically—you can use them or override them, as you choose. In order to go to the next level of detail, you need to press Control + Tab. I have posted a general structure for an outline on the form—you can type over it, but make sure that you observe the structure of the introduction. Keep in mind that no letter or number should be the only one on its level. If you have an A, then you need at least a B, and if you have a 1, you need at least a 2. You do not have to keep exactly to this outline, but it is meant to help you organize.