Jane Austenís Emma: Women and Identity in the Novel

  1. Jane Austen (1775-1817): Romantic Novelist or Romance Writer?
    1. Romantic Era Writing and Women
    2. Jane Austenís Quiet Life
    3. The Novels
  1. Donít You Have a Mother?: Emma
    1. Who Needs Trouble?
    2. Is Emma Clueless?
    3. The Education of an Upper Class Woman
  1. Matches, Mismatches, and Good Manners
    1. Matchmaking
    2. Mismatches
    3. Good Manners
  1. Essay Writing, Continued
    1. Facts, Opinions, and Thesis Statements
    2. From Observation to Pattern to Thesis
    3. From Feeling to Criticism
    4. The Use of Quotations
    5. Processes and Procedures