Bishop’s Travels and Final Review

  1. "Arrival at Santos": Real Places and Imaginary Departures
    1. The Sameness of Ports
    2. Miss Breen’s Crossing
    3. "…after eighteen days of suspension?"
  1. "Questions of Travel": Home and Away
    1. Too Many Waterfalls
    2. Dreaming and Having
    3. Never Wide and Never Free
  1. "One Art": The Villanelle of Loss
    1. Matters of Form
    2. Repetition and Change
    3. "Say it!"
  1. Final Review: Second Half
    1. The Authors and Works
    2. The Ideas and Themes
    1. Anti-bourgeois Literature
    2. The Artist
    3. Modernity and Modernism
    4. Postmodernism
    5. Fragmentation and Non-linear Narrative
    6. Time and the Aesthetic Moment

C. Study Suggestions

    1. Fill in the holes.
    2. Think and remember with your pen.
    3. Outline the course—structure is memory.
    4. Build a foundation.
    5. Develop your ideas.
    6. Outline your essays.