Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979): The Art of Seeing Clearly

  1. The Return to the Aesthetic in American Poetry
    1. The Road Not Taken: Frost, Williams, Moore, Stevens
    2. The New Critics: Ransom, Wimsatt, Brooks, Abrams, Beardsley
    3. The Verbal Icon
    4. Art and Craft
  1. Elizabeth Bishop’s Private Life and Art
    1. New England and Nova Scotia
    2. Vassar and Literary Life
    3. Travels to Brazil
    4. Fame and Later Life
  1. The Geography of the Imagination: "The Map" and "Wading at Wellfleet"
    1. The Power of Description
    2. The Lyric Moment
    3. The Knowledge of Place
  1. Urban Landscapes: "Man-moth" and "Love Lies Sleeping"
    1. Urban Life in America
    2. The Light of Desire
    3. The World Inverted
  1. The Literary Aesthetic Object: "The Monument"
    1. The Poem in the Landscape
    2. Question and Response
    3. "Now can you see the monument?"
    4. "Watch it closely."