More from Underground: The Subjective Self

  1. The Problem of Freedom
    1. Rational Plans for Irrational People
    2. The Piano Keys
    3. Ingratitude
    4. A Will of One’s Own
  1. The Need for Rank: The Officer
    1. Why get thrown out a window?
    2. Taking Offense
    3. Dueling and Rank
  1. The Need for Fellowship: The Farewell Party
    1. Invitations
    2. Toasts and Insults
    3. Lost Company
  1. The Need for Redemption: The Prostitute
    1. Literary Clichés
    2. "As if it’s from a book"
    3. Letters and Promises
  1. The Midterm
    1. Short Answers
    2. Essay Question: Three Texts
    3. Plan your answer.
    4. Be specific.
    5. Answer as if you were explaining the texts to an intelligent friend.