Sophocles’ Antigone: Duty and the Polis in Classical Greek Drama

  1. Sophocles (496-406 BCE) and Fifth Century Athens
    1. Athenian Democracy and Imperialism
    2. The Rights and Responsibilities of a Citizen
    3. Sophocles Fulfills His Duty as Strategos.
  1. Greek Drama
    1. Contests and Contexts
    2. Homer’s Crumbs
    3. Dionysus: Ritual and Respect
  1. The Dutiful Sister: Antigone
    1. Beginning in the Middle
    2. The Aftermath of War
    3. Honoring the Brother
  1. The Penalty, the Past and the Future
    1. Creon’s Son, Haemon
    2. Youth and Age
    3. Tiresias’ Prophecy