Homer’s Odyssey, Books I-XII: The Long Way Home

  1. Telemakhos’ Journey and the Consequences of War
    1. Beginning in the Middle
    2. A Son’s Quest
    3. The Restoration of Order
  1. Visits Abroad: Nestor in Pylos; Menelaos and Helen in Mycenae
    1. Nestor’s Wisdom
    2. Helen Drugs the Wine
    3. The Suitors Plot Telemakhos’ Death
  1. Kalypso’s Care and Nausikaa’s Welcome
    1. Why go home?
    2. Washing Up on Shore
    3. Nausikaa Greets the Stranger
  1. The Honored Guest and the Harper’s Songs
    1. Alkinoos, Calm in Power
    2. Books VII and VIII: Odysseus in Disguise
    3. The Hero and the Harper