Enheduanna: Poet and Priestess

  1. Enheduanna’s Background
    1. Women in the Ancient World
    2. Enheduanna as Princess and Priestess of Nanna in Ur and Uruk
    3. Daughter of Sargon, Aunt of Naram-Sin
  1. A Summary of The Exaltation of Inanna
    1. "Exordium": Introduction, Invocations, and Praise of Inanna’s "Me’s"
    2. "The Argument": Innana’s Banishment
    3. The Appeal to Nanna-Suen and the Indictment of Lugalanne
    4. The Appeal to Inanna and the Restoration of the Temple
    5. "Peroration": The Summation and Formal Conclusion of the Poem
  1. Interpretation and Issues
    1. What does this mean to us?
    2. The Legitimacy of the Ruler
    3. The Preservation of the City and the Temple
    4. Unification and Sargon’s Achievement