Gilgamesh: The Transformation of a Hero

  1. The Library of Asurbanipal (668–627 BCE) and the Standard Version
    1. Literary Epic
    2. Translations and Lacunae
    3. Context and Interpretation
  1. Tablets I and II: Civilizing a King and a Wildman
    1. Heroic Epithets and the Walls of Uruk
    2. The Abuse of Power
    3. The Gods Hear and a Contender Emerges
    4. The Taming of Enkidu
    5. A Quest for Heroes
  1. Tablets III-V: Hunting Humbaba
    1. Warnings and Hesitation
    2. The Purpose of the Hunt
    3. A Curse and a Prize
  1. Tablets VI and VII: The Gods’ Revenge
    1. Refusing Ishtar’s Advances
    2. The Bull of Heaven
    3. Divine Retribution
  1. Tablets VIII-IX: A Quest for Immortality
    1. The Hero Matures
    2. The Scorpion Monster and His Wife
    3. Siduri and the Tavern at the End of the World
    4. Ur-Shanabi and the Lost Stones
  1. Tablets X-XI: Utanapishtim’s Answer and a Return to Uruk
    1. The Journey Across the Waters of Death
    2. The Boatman Leaves
    3. What the Snake Stole