Comprehensive Case Brief Assignment

Due Date: August 15 by 5:00PM on ConnectWeb.

The assignment is to write a comprehensive case brief of a U.S. Supreme Court Decision, Knowles v. Iowa.  Your brief should follow the guidelines described on page 41 of Statsky and West.  They include:

  1. Full citation
  2. Parties, including their relationship to each other
  3. Objectives of parties, that is, their ultimate objectives
  4. Theories of the litigation for each side
  5. History of the litigation
  6. Key facts
  7. Issues, that is, how the facts relate to the particular rules involved
  8. Holdings--what the court decided
  9. Reasoning--why the court decided the way it did
  10. Disposition--what happened to the case
You do not need to add a "notes" section.