Who Did It? Lope de Vega’s Fuente Ovejuna and Golden Age Drama


I.                    The Origins of Spanish Golden Age Drama

A.     Medieval Spain

B.     Mystery Plays and Autos

C.     The Reconquest and the Catholic Kings

D.     The Unification of Spain

II.                 Félix Lope de Vega Carpio, 1562-1635: The Founder of Spanish Drama

III.               Drama and Society

A.     Drama in Ancient Greece and Golden Age Spain

B.     The Social Function of Drama

C.     Aristotle’s Poetics and Lope de Vega’s Theories of Dramatic Form

IV.              Act I: Exposition: The Problem of Rank

A.     Plotting Against Isabella and Ferdinand

B.     The Commander’s Prerogative

C.     Local Resistance from Laurencia and Frondoso

V.                 Act II: Development: Legal and Illegal Remedies

A.     Magistrates and Aldermen

B.     Aristotle’s Politics

C.     Blood and Justice

VI.              Act III: Resolution: Village Loyalty and Married Love

A.     Outrageous Behavior

B.      “Who killed the Commander? Fuente Ovejuna did it!”

C.     The Courts of Equity