Decameron, Days VII-X: Clever Wives, Vengeful Scholars, and Magnanimous Rulers


I.                    Boccaccio’s Encounter with a Visionary

A.     Boccacio’s Life after the Decameron

B.     The Blessed Petroni

C.     Petrarch’s Reply

D.     The Author and the Text

II.                 Day VII: The Rule of Dioneo

A.     Story 2: Selling a Tub

B.     Story 9: Pyrrhus’s Three Tasks

C.     Story 10: Tingoccio’s Return From the Dead

III.               Day VIII: The Rule of Lauretta

A.     Story 1: A Loan Without Interest

B.     Story 7: A Scholar’s Revenge

C.     Story 8: Pairs of Punishments and Rewards

IV.              IX: The Rule of Emilia

A.     Story 1: Unsuitable Suitors and a Tomb

B.     Story 5: Calandrino’s Magic Scroll

C.     Story 6: Finding the Right Bed

V.                 X: The Rule of Panfilo

A.     Story 7: King Peter’s Generosity

B.     Story 9: Messer Torello’s Magic Return

C.     Story 10: Gualtieri’s Cruelty and Griselda’s Patience

VI.              Conclusion and Epilogue

A.     Conclusion: The Brigata Disbands

B.     Epilogue: Pleasing the Ladies