Decameron, Days IV to VI: Forbidden Love and Quick Thinking


I.                    Boccaccio’s World

A.     The Importance of Italy

B.     The Avignon Papacy

C.     Guelphs and Ghibellines

D.     Republics and Kingdoms

E.      Daily Life

II.                 Day IV: The Rule of Filostrato

A.     Prologue: Filippo Balducci and the Goslings

B.     Story 1: Ghismonda’s Drink

C.     Story 2: Friar Alberto as the Angel Gabriel

D.     Story 5: Lisabetta’s Pot of Basil

II. Day V: The Rule of Fiametta

A. Story 1: Cimon Improves Himself

B. Story 6: Gianni of Procida Escapes the Stake

C. Story 7: Teodoro Marries Violante

D. Story 8: Nastagio degli Onesti Has a Vision

III. Day VI: The Rule of Elissa

A.     Prologue and Story 1: Madonna Oretta Hears a Bad Story

B.     Story 5: A Judge and a Painter Have a Bad Day

C.     Story 7: Madonna Filippa Fixes a Bad Law

D.     Story 10: Friar Cipolla Rescues a Bad Situation