Boccacio’s Decameron, Days I-IV: Crafty Wives, Outraged Husbands, and Scheming Monks


I.                    Vernacular Literature in the Renaissance

A.     The Courtly Tradition

B.     Troubadours

C.     Fables

D.     Classical Literature

II.                 Prologue and Introduction: Escaping Plagues

A.     The Plague

B.     The Brigata

C.     The Rules of Storytelling

D.     The Nature of the Work: Boccaccio as Anti-Ideologue

III.               Day I: The Rule of Pampinea, “The Flourishing One”

A.     Story 1: The Worst Man Ever Born: Ser Cepperello, also known as Ciapelletto and His Anti-Hagiography

B.     Story 2: The Conversion of Abraham

C.     Story 3: The Three Rings

IV.              Day II: The Rule of Filomena

A.     Story 4: Landolfo Rufolo Finds Fortune Abroad

B.     Story 5: Andreuccio of Perugia’s Fortune in Naples

C.     Story 6: Madonna Beritola’s Rescue

D.     Story 7: Alatiel’s Nine Marriages

V.                 Day III: The Rule of Neifile

A.     Story 1: Masetto’s Difficult Job

B.     Story 2: King Agilulf’s Groom’s Haircut

C.     Story 8: Ferondo’s Trip to Purgatory

D.     Story 9: Gilette’s Impersonation

E.      Story 10: Putting the Devil Back Into Hell