Le nozze di Figaro: The Power of Music

I.                    The Force of Comedy

A.† Opera buffa and Political Order

B.     The Social World of Opera

C.     Mozartís Dangerous Idea

II.                 Subversive Music: Act I, Scene I

A.     Figaro and Susanna: Getting Things Done in an Enlightened Era

B.     Susanna Made Her Own Hat.

C.     Enter the Problem

D.     A Problem with a History: droit du seigneur

III.               The Countís Fatal Error: Act I, Scenes 5-8

A.     Disguises in the House

B.     Cherubinoís Passionate and Changeable Nature

C.     Hide and Seek

D.     The Consent of the Goverened

IV.              Act II: Trials and Errors

A.     Whoís in the closet?

B.     Who wrote the letter? Act II, Scene 10