Heinrich von Kleist: Narrative Dreams and Nightmares


I.                    Important Announcements

A.     Paper is due on Tuesday, November 23.

B.     Mozart reading assignment is the Synopsis and the chapter on “Lorenzo da Ponte.”

C.     Mozart will be shown tomorrow night at 7 in 1179 Chemistry.

D.     Mozart is on reserve in Kerr Hall (2nd Floor) and in the Music Library.

II.                 Heinrich Wilhelm von Kleist (1777-1811): The End of the Enlightenment

A.     The Burden of a Military Family

B.     The Education of an Officer

C.     The Kantian Crisis: noumena and phenomena

D.     Plays and Problems

E.      Stories and Suicide

III.                “The Earthquake in Chile”: Signs, Wonders, and Chance

A.     The 1755 Lisbon Earthquake

B.     Jerónimo and Josefa

C.     Divine Intervention

D.     Heroic Deeds

E.      The Revenge of a Mob

IV.               “The Marquise of O—”: A Very Personal Ad

A.     Conduct in Warfare

B.     Heroic Rescue

C.     Honorable Behavior

D.     A Scandal

E.      Changes in Attitude

V.                 “Michael Kohlhaas”: Justice and the Law

A.     Hans Kohlhase’s Rebellion

B.     Noble Men, Noble Horses, and Good Burghers

C.     Justice Denied

D.     Luther Intervenes

E.      A Confidence Betrayed

F.      The Fortune Teller

VI.               “The Betrothal in Santo Domingo” and “The Duel”: Love, Betrayal, and Honor

A.     The Haitian Revolution

B.     Race and Civilization

C.     Honorable Behavior

D.     Signs and Proof







"The Earthquake in Chile," "The Marquise of O," "Michael Koolhaas," "The Betrothal in Santo Domingo," and "The Duel"