Swiftís Gulliverís Travels: Satires and Journeys in the British Empire


I.                    Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) and His Bewildering Times

A.     The Restoration (1660) and the Glorious Revolution (1688)

B.     Ireland under the English

C.     The Church of England and the Church of Ireland

D.     Political Disorders: 1688

E.      Holy Orders: 1695

F.      The Years in London: 1710-1713

G.     Dean Swift Returns to Dublin: 1713

H.     Tales of a Voyager: Gulliverís Travels, 1726

I.        Last Voyage: 1745

II.                 Gulliverís Travelís, Part I: The Voyage to Liliput

A.     Johnsonís Point

B.     Travel and Travelogues

C.     Lemuel Gulliver

D.     The Politics of a Small Country

E.      Wars and Rivalry

F.      A Fire Put Out; An Enemy Made